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What We Use

Your safety is our absolute priority.

Here at Bronco Motors, we are committed to ensuring the quality, efficacy and safety usage of our electric scooters.

Here's what our electric scooters are made of. 

Frame Material 6061-T6 Aviation Aluminium Forging Alloy + 6063-T6 Aviation Aluminium Forging Alloy
Side Cover Material Polypropylene (PP)
Mudguard Material Polypropylene (PP)
Front Wire Protector  Carbon-fibre 

No welded components.

Our electric scooters do not contain any welded parts. All of our components either go through the die-casting process, hot-forging process or the injection moulding process (for our Polypropylene parts).

Cost versus risk.

Our moulding processes definitely cost much more than the usual welding process. However, even with the higher costs involved, we still decided to go ahead with it instead of saving costs by welding.

Welded joints are commonly seen in electric scooters made in factories that just want to earn a quick buck. However, there were many incidents whereby these welded joints gave way while riding, causing the rider to sustain serious injuries.

Our users' safety is our utmost priority and we do not wish to compromise it for anything else, even if it means higher costs— for us.


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