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Why is our price lower as compared to our retailers ?

  • Our retailers manage warranty on spot! Retailers have workers to pay, rental to pay and many more. They will need to mark up their sales price.

  • Purchasing from us! For limited warranty, you have to pay all logistical price.

  • They have it in stock in their country. (Shorter time, more convenient)

  • They provide their country's warranty. (We only provide 6 months limited warranty.)

  • Language barrier

  • Warranty and fixing are to be done by yourself (Video and Photo is provided if needed.)

Before purchasing from us, things to take note:

Warranty Issues:

What is the max charging we recommend?

  • 32Ah/35Ah Battery series, max 10A. (5A*2)
  • 50Ah Battery series, max 15A. (7.5A*2)
  • Fast charging, high ampere damage battery very quickly. Please use 1-2A charging for starting up an old battery. When battery is used at least 6 month, battery should be charged at lower than recommended Ampere at all time.

Delivery of the product(s):

  • Some of times battery and product(s) is/are delivered separately. Due to the cost of logistics and safety of the product(s). For more information click here. 

  • All air shipping, battery and chassis are to be separated. Please contact our customer service for video of installation. 

Is there jerking issue at 50-70km/h for 50A/65A controller?

  • NO! We are using new controllers now.

There were broken VNOM chassis/frame in early 2022. Is it fixed? 

  • YES! It is fixed and enforced. It is stronger now!

 Where can we purchase parts for Bronco/Vnom?

  • We are upgrading our website, we are putting up the parts in our website. For now, you can contact us:

Can we upgrade VNOM 11 inch from 50A controller to 65A controller? 

  • YES! Professional technician is needed even though is not complicated. Always safety first. BRONCO MOTORS OFFICIAL are not responsible and will not be held liable for any cost incurred.

 Where to view instructions and where is the manual?

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