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NUTT Hydraulic Brake Set (Front and Rear)

NO REFUND ONCE DELIVERED! Warranty within 7 days after delivery!

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$90.64 USD
$90.64 USD - $90.64 USD
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  • Europe, Truck delivery. USA,sea delivery
  • 1-2 weeks to dispatch order

*FREE UPGRADED VERSION* Our brake set comes with cooling fin brake pads.

Why choose NUTT hydraulic brakes?

NUTT hydraulic brakes are manufactured in Taiwan and it is one of the most affordable hydraulic brakes available in the market with its performance.

Hydraulic brakes versus the commonly-seen mechanical brakes.

They provide more stopping power and bite and you don't have to exert too much force in order to brake as compared to when using mechanical brakes. Although pricier, these NUTT hydraulic brakes are more reliable and predictable when it comes to sudden braking. 

Note: These brakes come pre-bled. You do not have to bleed them when you install it on your scooter. Mineral oil not included.

  • 1 pair of pre-bled NUTT hydraulic brakes with electronic braking wire sensor
  • 1 pair of 160mm disc rotors
  • 1 pair of UPGRADED cooling fin brake pads (pre-installed in the brake)
  • 1 pair of olives and inserts in case you need to shorten the length of the brake cable
  • 12 pieces of T25 rotor screws 

NUTT hydraulic brakes uses mineral oil only for bleeding.


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